3D Value Investing: Triangulating the Best Investment Targets

A combination of fundamental analysis, valuation and timing, 3D Value Investing is changing the way many investors choose to select and manage their investments. 

Each dimension of 3D Value Investing has been used alone before but it’s the first time all three have been blended in this way – with outstanding results. It is around the rules of 3D Value Investing that the STRIDE engine is built.

Our launch eBook explains how the concept of 3D Value Investing came about and how it triangulates the strongest investment targets, calculates fair value and determines the best times to buy in and sell out.

Download it free now to learn:

  • The 4 Principles of 3D VI
  • What each of the 3 dimensions mean and how we use them
  • Why an investor should never get emotional about investments
  • The importance of timing in generating the best returns
  • When the margin of safety must be deep, and when it can be shallower
  • How a diverse, global portfolio protects investments
  • Why you need to know the kind of investor you are

Since we began developing 3D Value Investing techniques, we have seen our investments perform with increasing profitability.

We are delighted to share the results of our studies, experiments, experiences and successes with you now.

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3D Value Investing: Triangulating The Best Investment Targets

3D Value Investing uncovers the best businesses for investment, the fair value of those businesses and the best times to buy in and sell out. This approach to long-term investing results in higher returns with lower risk.

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