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Scott Nursten - CEO

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Dale Nursten - CFO

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Both Scott and Dale have worked with many international businesses and investments during their careers, with specific ties to technology, change management, food production, marketing and finance. They have succeeded consistently in generating value in every business they’ve been involved with.


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Scott Nursten

Scott is a CEO/MD with broad business experience spanning 18 years. He’s worked in every role from front-line support, through middle management and executive levels. Scott has a passion for technology and a strong background in financial analysis. He’s currently involved in 4 rapidly growing businesses, including STRIDE.


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Dale Nursten

Dale is a ‘hands on’ CFO with extensive experience in supporting business with well tuned, highly efficient and automated finance and accounting functions. He has an affinity for demystifying the complexity of the finance function and strives to provide businesses with real-time information that empowers informed, strategic decisions.


How STRIDE came together

Brothers and business partners, Scott and Dale share an appetite for financial analysis. Since they started value investing, they have created long-term investment portfolios that have delivered consistent returns despite economic fluctuations.

Encouraged by their early successes, the brothers were inspired to improve on their methodology, seeing better returns with each refinement. When it was no longer tenable to manage their portfolios with their original complex collection of spreadsheets, they started developing what was to become the STRIDE platform.


What makes STRIDE unique?

“We built STRIDE to help independent investors like us pick winning value stocks from around the world. Ours is the first truly global value investing platform – we even cover hard-to-trade countries which you can include if you want to.

The engine does all the hard work. In fact we personally couldn’t invest in such diverse businesses across the world’s markets without STRIDE. Diversification on this scale makes a huge difference to our returns.

STRIDE stands for Strength, Timing, Returns, Intrinsic Value, Dividends and Earnings Predictability: the six elements we look at in all businesses when determining their potential as investment opportunities.

We developed the STRIDE scoring system to show us in a second how each business is performing across each element. This view is the actual result of all the engine’s analytical processes, just presented in a very simple way.

Every value investor is different and we wanted STRIDE to be used by everyone. So while the platform offers a lot of choices, they are highly informed choices, helping individual investors achieve the returns they want.”

Scott Nursten, STRIDE Founder

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