#14 Little Acorns: I didn't sell in May and I'm 25.5% up

bear-bull-featured.jpgThe eyes of the world might be on the markets with the Brexit referendum just around the corner, but mine are still firmly focused on my STRIDE portfolio.

My Little Acorns have grown 25.5% and my top performing stock, Webjet, is now up 122% and has paid me a healthy 4% dividend.

Overall, I'm very happy with my portfolio.

Here's how it has been performing against the major indices across the globe.

I've chosen the top 5 international markets that make it onto most news feeds.

Index Performance Nov 2014 to Jun 2016 Little Acorns Vs Index
Nasdaq 4.33% +21.17%
S&P 500 2.66% +22.84%
Dow Jones Industrial Average 1.24% +24.26%
FTSE 100 -7.90% +33.40%
Hang Seng -12.24% +37.74%


I'm also quite excited as I'm about to perform another, very profitable exit from Webjet. 

This Australian travel company was one of my original buys and I’ve watched them closely over the past 18 months. The stock hit the Consider Sell price a few days ago but, as you may have seen from their announcements, it is currently untradeable.

This is because they are purchasing a company in New Zealand and have done an equity raise on the market to fund it. This situation is also why Webjet doesn’t appear on my STRIDE email update at the moment.

When I do sell, I will have enough to buy another slice for just under $5,000, maintaining my 30 slice model. I’m going to keep the remaining $3,000 as cash, bringing my cash balance up to around $20,000.

If Brexit does drag the markets down, I’ll be in great position to bag a few bargains.

Biggest gainers after Webjet:

Company Gain Dividend Payments
C-QUADRAT 110% 10%
ATOSS 102% 12%
Innovative Properties 94% 0%
Homeritz 71% 10%
Dutech Holdings 67% 5%


Not much else to report at the moment. I've mostly been sitting tight and watching the dividends roll in. Some days it's up, others it's down - but it always seems to be well ahead of the market and heading in one direction overall. 


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