#8 Little Acorns: 15% Growth and Time for a Spring Clean

stride-8-little-acorns-15-growth-and-time-for-a-spring-clean-socialIt seems that the power of spring growth is not limited to my garden but has crept into my portfolio as well. 

The Little Acorns portfolio is now up 15%, despite the markets dipping since my last post. While my stocks went up 3%, the FTSE dipped 1.5% , the Nasdaq lost 1.6% and the S&P 500 went down 0.4%. 

It's good that I upped my target return of 15% for the year because I've achieved that already. I was amazed to see one stock, Ikyu, soar to 85% up in a few weeks before settling at around 60% up. I have a few stocks that have gained upwards of 60% and am eager to see which will be my first 'double bagger'? Spring has sprung indeed.

With my portfolio now approaching six months old, it felt like a good time to put it under some scrutiny. Some of my stocks are doing extremely well so those 'slices' are growing more quickly than I expected. Added to this, I recently received a bonus work payment of £10,000 which I decided to put straight into my portfolio. 

This will explain the sudden leap in overall portfolio value on the update email that you'll see at the bottom of this post, if you've been following the progress of Little Acorns over the past few months. It doesn't affect the %  growth you see as I only ever talk about the increasing value of my holdings, not including cash assets, of which I now have $43k.

New slice model

In terms of portfolio management, I'm not ready to rebalance yet because none of my holdings have reached their consider sell price - although one is very close. I am happy to accumulate as many stocks as I can afford, selling chunks of ripe stock to finance this model as necessary. 

My original slice model was 20 slices of $4,000. I now have 23 slices and with my recent gains, several of those are already over $5,000 so that is the new slice size I'm working with; any new purchases I make will be $5,000 in value.

I made a couple of $2,000 purchases using my ISA account (UK tax free savings) but from now on, every slice will be the same size as far as possible.

I still want to retain a cash amount of $10k so I have £33k remaining to deploy.

I'm still interested in REITs and have set up a screener page on STRIDE purely dedicated to monitoring the best out there. As yet, however, in the five months since I started out, no REIT has achieved 3D target status so I have to carry on being patient. 

My best perfomers so far

C-QUADRAT +64.96%

C-QUADRAT Investment AG is a privately owned investment manager. The firm launches equity, fixed income, and balanced mutual funds for its clients. It invests in the public equity and fixed income markets across the globe. C-QUADRAT Investment AG was founded in 1991, and is based in Wien, Austria. 

The company made a recent filing on March 27th:

FY 2014 total group revenues up 37 pct to 94.9 million euros ($103.31 million) (2013: 69.0 million euros)

* FY 2014 net profit for year increases to 22.4 million euros (2013: 9.5 million euros)

* Dividend proposal for shareholders' meeting: 3.0 euros per share

Three euros per share dividend! At my average purchase price of €29, this represents a yield of over 10%.

Ikyu +61.72%

Ikyu Corporation provides online reservation services for hotels and restaurants in Japan. It also offers online shopping services. The company was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. 

STRIDE is expecting the company to issue a PR statement shortly. Based on its current STRIDE scores, I'm expecting any news to be pretty good.

More about the STRIDE scores and ratings here.


Dürr +51.48%

Dürr Aktiengesellschaft operates in the field of mechanical and plant engineering, primarily serving the automotive industry worldwide.

This business grew 7% and is up 5% today (20.04.15). This brings its share price almost up to STRIDE's consider sell. Will this be the first stock I sell?

Compare my progress with my last post here.


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