There's a Deliberate Confusion Behind the Stock Market

stride-deliberate-confusion-behind-the-stock-market-blogAnyone who has ever tried to invest for themselves will have come up against the deliberate confusion that permeates the stock market. On a daily basis we come across financial jargon that sounds like language from Mars. In reality, it is very much man-made and fabricated to confuse us.

As long as we stay confused, investment advisers and managers are smiling, because their fees and commissions keep on growing. Our confusion equals business for asset managers. It suits them perfectly, because it means we think we need them and that's exactly what they want.

We all want to invest with a margin of safety, but that safety doesn’t necessarily lie with investment managers. They are vulnerable to the same market volatility as anyone but they always get paid, even if you lose money. Nobody cares about your money more than you, so why not manage your own investments? Inevitably, we all want to see our money grow and increasingly we want to do it independently: that way we save a fortune on fees and finance our own futures rather than feathering a fund manager's nest egg. Realise the most confusing barrier to the best returns is confusion itself and you're already on your way to sacking your asset manager and taking control of your own investments.

The truth is, anyone can be a successful independent value investor. More and more of us are seeing the deliberate confusion behind the stock market for what it is and opting out of the world of managed funds. Independent investors are already making great returns; by selecting healthy value investing opportunities, receiving substantial dividends and saving a fortune in fees.

And you can too.

In our eBook, Deliberate Confusion Behind the Stock Market, we explore the deliberately confusing world of finance, examine how asset managers are profiting from peddling the perception of their safety in a dangerous world and learn how independent investors are doing it better for themselves.

Download your free copy to see clearly into:

  • The Deliberate Confusion that Keeps Us in the Dark

  • Fedspeak

  • The Tautological Textual Towers of the Financial Industry

  • Shadow Banking

  • The Rise of the Independent Investor

  • Becoming an Independent Investor

    Deliberate Confusion Around the Stock Market?

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