Hello from the launch pad

Our website is now up and running ahead of the platform launch in May.

If you've been following our Tweets and Facebook posts, you will probably already have a fair idea about what we do.

For those who have found us by other means, we are 3D Value Investors sharing our methodology to help others enjoy better returns on their investments.

The principles and processes of 3D Value Investing took us around six years to perfect and put into action through our web platform, STRIDE.

This unique tool triangulates which businesses, from any stock market in the world, present the best investment opportunities.

STRIDE looks at businesses through the three dimensions of 3D VI:

  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Valuation
  • Timing

Using carefully filtered data, investors are able to determine what shares to target, understand ideal buy and sell prices and the best times to buy and sell.

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STRIDE launch offer

Discount for every early subscriber
  • Sign up now for our launch notification email and subscribe before the end of May to receive a minimum 30% discount.
  • Every early subscriber gets 30% off for their first year
  • 20 lucky people chosen at random receive a 50% discount
  • The 10 luckiest receive the whole first year of STRIDE for free

Coming soon …

Launch of the STRIDE $10k portfolio
  • We are literally going to put our money where our mouth is and invest $10,000 in companies triangulated by STRIDE.
  • Follow the blog for monthly progress updates


  • STRIDE eBooks will be published every three months.
  • Download these for free to stay up to date with the 3D VI philosophy and our latest  investment intelligence

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3D Value Investing: Triangulating The Best Investment Targets

3D Value Investing uncovers the best businesses for investment, the fair value of those businesses and the best times to buy in and sell out. This approach to long-term investing results in higher returns with lower risk.

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