#19 Little Acorns: 63.2% up and $18,826 Realised Gains

coins-currency-investment-insurance-featured.jpegI’m happy to say I’ve been much more attentive to my Little Acorns portfolio since my last post. System 1 became a sell, and I’ve bought four new stocks, bringing my total slices to 33. And, thanks to my $18k realised gains, I still have $30k in cash.

Accumulating a fat cash pile is, of course, a nice problem to have as long as you know what you want to buy with it. Late April, early May was also a good time to have money to spend because there were around 20 potential targets on STRIDE at that time.

Without my strict but simple rules for stock picking, I’d have been spoilt for choice. In fact, ‘rules’ is an exaggeration. I only have one: buy the top 3D value investing targets from STRIDE’s stock picks list.

In my last post, I said I wanted to buy three new slices. Then System 1 became a consider sell, so my buy list grew. I made 187% on this stock, and I'm still holding other 'double-baggers'. Actually, this was almost 200% up when it would have become a 'triple-bagger'. 

At the bottom of this post, you’ll see the breakdowns of my biggest gainers and losers. It’s very gratifying that my gains from selling System 1 alone more than cover my unrealised losses from the bottom three losers combined.

These ‘losing’ companies are also still paying me dividends, despite their price slumps, and they are still STRIDE holds. I’m more than happy to have them in my portfolio, ticking over and making me money. 

Here’s a run-down of my four new stocks:

1) Chew’s Group Ltd

This Singapore-based company produces eggs. They specialise in formulating feed that enhances the chicken’s ability to consistently produce healthy, premium grade eggs with added nutrients. I particularly like their ethics – the chickens are kept outside with plenty of freedom to move around.

Chew’s is 42 years old and became a ‘consider buy’ when May 9th accounts made STRIDE raise its fair value considerably. It is traded on the SGX.

Chew's scores today:

Chews scores 5.17.png

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2) Shinnihon Corporation

This company is a Japanese construction and engineering firm. It constructs co-houses, government offices, hotels, office buildings, shopping centres, stores, hospitals, welfare facilities and factories.

Founded in 1923, Shinnihon is 94 years old. It is traded on the TSE.

Shinnihon scores:

Shinnihon scores 5.17.png

3) Natural Health Trends Corp.

This 29-year-old business is a direct-selling and e-commerce company. It provides personal care, wellness and lifestyle products under the NHT global brand in North America, Greater China, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Europe, Russia and Kazakhstan. Its products include vitamins, minerals, other dietary supplements, beauty products, weight management and energy enhancing supplements.

 NHT is headquartered in California and is traded on the Nasdaq.

NHT's scores today. The other metrics here show how strong this business is:

NHT scores 5.17.png

4) Zenkoku Hosho Co Ltd

This specialised financial business is based in Japan. Founded in 1981, Zenkoku engages in credit guarantee, damage insurance, credit acquisition and life insurance. It offers financing for housing loans and other related services plus subcontracting and outsourcing, information processing and dissemination services.

Zenkoku is traded on the TSE.

Zenkoku's scores:

Zenkoku scores 5.17.png

Biggest gainers:

Biggest losers:


Photon Control Inc. +153% FT Group -62% System 1: +187%
Svolder +148% Cenkos Securities -54%  
ATOSS Software AG +122% Formosan Rubber group -53%   


Cash now: $30k

Balance: $192,649k

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