3 New Features, Lower Subscription Cost & Referrer Schemes

stride-stride-3-new-features-lower-subscription-cost-and-a-referrer-scheme-blogSince the launch of STRIDE, our intelligent portfolio management and stock picking tool, in June this year we have received great amounts of feedback from our users. The feedback we received was both exciting and thought-provoking. Above all, we concluded that our users love having a truly global value investing platform that gives them insight into business wherever they are. Our users have told us how original our ratings are, how much they enjoy the simplicity of the platform interface and its intuitive usability.

Although, we love hearing and reading all of the positive comments, there were some suggestions on how we could improve our platform. We want STRIDE to include every feature our users feel would help them make the best possible investment choices. You have spoken and we have listened.

New STRIDE Features

In direct response to these suggestions, we are developing the STRIDE screener, full financial statements and both market and sector analysis.

The STRIDE Screener

It will allow users to sift through the thousands of companies in the global markets, by applying filters based on company description, our propriety 3D VI scores and a variety of derived data fields. For example, with the company descriptors you will be able to filter companies based on region, country, sector, exchange and market cap. You can filter companies by applying our propriety 3D VI scores on separate metrics, such as strength, timing, returns, intrinsic value, dividends and earnings predictability. You will also be able to apply filters of up to 4000 company reports and 6000 derived data fields including, but not limited to growth rates, ratios and supplemental data, all on an intra or inter period basis.

Full Financial Statements

STRIDE brings you full financial statements. On the Company Page you will have a unique view of the as-reported/GAAP, full income statement, balance sheet and cash flow of any company available in the platform.

Market and Sector Analysis

It will create a macro view by providing unique insight into the different markets or sectors that businesses operate in globally. More features will be added as we continue developing the platform.

Brand New Pricing Plans

In addition to these changes, we are happy to announce that we are bringing you the updated, expanded STRIDE for less. We have renegotiated with all of our suppliers and are now able to significantly reduce our prices.

Our new pricing plans feature monthly, yearly and 2-yearly subscriptions that will be effective immediately. Our pricing plans include prices for global and separate region subscriptions. To learn more about our newly revised pricing plans visit our subscribe page.

Subscribing to STRIDE doesn't just give you a magnificent value investing tool, but is also gives you the chance to become a STRIDER.

The Benefits of Becoming a STRIDER

We have developed the STRIDE Referrer Scheme offering any subscriber the opportunity to generate an income stream. Here at STRIDE we like to keep things simple so if you refer a contact to us and they become a platform subscriber, you get paid.

STRIDERS generate a 10% commission for every new subscriber they introduce. This isn’t a once off payment either. We’ll pay you 10% of every subscription fee you bring to STRIDE for as long as those STRIDER subscriptions remain active. There is no limit to the number of new subscribers you can bring to STRIDE. So if you introduce enough, your account could effectively be running for free.

Here is an example based on a monthly global subscription:

Your monthly Global STRIDE subscription = $49
Each of your new Global STRIDER subscriptions would pay you $4.90 (10% of $49)
10 new STRIDERS = $4.90 x 10 = $49 - you get STRIDE for free
20 new STRIDERS = $4.90 x 20 = $98 - you get STRIDE for free + $49 a month
30 new STRIDERS = $4.90 x 30 = $147 - you get STRIDE for free + $98 a month

Becoming a STRIDER offers our investors a great opportunity to generate an income in addition to using the platform to manage their investments. We do however request that you act responsibly when contacting parties you believe will be interested in STRIDE.

No SPAM will be tolerated. If we receive a complaint regarding emails you have sent that are in any way linked to STRIDE, we will suspend your account immediately and without notice.

With the new features, significantly reduced pricing plans and the great benefits from the STRIDERS referrer scheme, you have no reason not to subscribe to STRIDE. We make value investing easy for everyone. Hit your stride, select better investments and enjoy outstanding returns with STRIDE.

Subscribe to STRIDE - New features and reduced subscription costs.

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