STRIDE Change Log

All the latest changes, improvements and updates to the STRIDE platform are published to this blog. It is categorised on a monthly basis. Bookmark this article to ensure you keep up to date with all the latest updates.

June updates

Guru Models - a set of screens emulating the strategies of various investing gurus. Each screen presents a list of companies that match the respective parameters of each guru’s strategy.

The following models are currently available on STRIDE:

  • David Dreman Low PE Screen
  • David Dreman Low Price to Cash Flow Screen
  • John Templeton Value Screen
  • David Dreman Low Price to Book Screen
  • John Neff on Investing Screen
  • David Dreman Dividend Screen
  • Bill Miller Value Screen
  • Benjamin Graham Enterprising Investor Value Screen
  • Kenneth Fisher Price to Sales Guru Model

May updates

  • Autosuggest (company search, portfolio search) UTF8 bug fixed.
  • The intrinsic value scoring has been updated to look for up to a 20% margin in True Book Value before allocating a score of 100.
  • Currency handling updated in portfolios. More granularity in control 
    • Cash currency versus Transaction currency handling
    • Faster currency handling and rate lookups to enhance adding transactions
  • New (BETA) dividend handling system that allows for:
    • Verifying dividend entries are correct on your portfolio
    • Automatic addition of dividends to your portfolio based on pay date

April updates

  • Gold Standard model (courtesy of a suggestion from a subscriber. Thank you to Carlos Morales)
    • Shows average rating for each score and position of this company in comparison to peers
  • Additional returns added into the Ratios section (courtesy of a suggestion from a subscriber. Thank you toPreetGona)
    • Return on Capital Employed
    • Return on Average Capital Employed
  • Numerous speed improvements due to new software interface and database handling
  • Short position handling in portfolio management (courtesy of a suggestion from a subscriber. Thank you to David Shorr)
  • BUGFIX: Some UTF-8 characters would stop companies coming up in search lists on portfolios etc. 

March updates:

  • Screener updates and speed
  • Dividend reporting added to news feed
  • Dividend alerting added to news feed
  • Massive improvements to speed of all queries
  • Filter by valuation criteria (all options in the 'Other Valuations' section)
  • Charting for all companies on Income Statement / Balance Sheet / Cash Flow for easy financial visualisation


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