STRIDE Evolving: Updates to Our Platform

stride-stride-is-evolving-updates-on-our-platform-featured.jpgIf you don’t move, you don’t notice your chains, says Rosa Luxemburg. For value investing, we couldn’t agree more.

That’s why we’ve been evolving the STRIDE platform over the past couple of months, solving any efficiency and functionality issues that we could find or were made aware of.

Below is a detailed list of all the latest updates to the STRIDE platform, how to make use of them, and how they’ll affect you. We’ve fixed our live chat, created a discussions forum, added responsive graphs in the portfolios section, created an automatic dividend handler and even have a beta version of our external news feed. Keep reading for some great insights.

5 New Updates to Help You STRIDE

1. Live chat

Where before our live chat made use of the “create a ticket” system, we now have people responding to you live.


If you have any questions or concerns, you can now get answers while you’re online using the platform from someone from our team.

If none of our team are online, then the system will still create a ticket for you so that we can get back to you as soon as we’re back. 


2. Discussion Forum

To better gauge other investor’s feelings toward a particular company, we have now included a discussions forum on each company page.


This new feature allows you to comment on a company’s past, present and future values, to discuss amongst peers the best investment decision and to follow what the latest public thoughts are.

3. Responsive Graphs: Currency, Geography & Yields

We’ve loaded some new graphs in the portfolios section, under the tab “Graphs”.

These new responsive graphs reflect the following areas of your investments: Currency, Geography and Yields.



To understand these graphs, the following should be known: The black line indicates the average, the green bars indicate where there has been a gain and the red bars indicate where there has been a loss.

4. Automatic Dividend Handler

When you’re holding several companies, it can be quite difficult to track all your dividends. That’s why we’ve now added a smart automatic dividend handler to help make adding dividend transactions simpler.

If you navigate to your “Portfolios” page and select one of your portfolios, then choose the Options tab on the top right of the page. This will bring up the options bar on your right, scroll to the bottom of the options list and select the Add dividend transactions button. Selecting this button will launch our dividend handler, which will find any dividend transactions that you still need to add for you and, on you accepting it, automatically record these details for you.


When a dividend transaction is found, you can hover over the icon on the right of the company name to see past transactions for that company.

5. External News Feed BETA

Lastly, we know that investing smartly is about being informed and having an understanding of your market.

That’s why we’ve started scouring the web for you, gathering all the most pertinent headlines for you to read in an easy-to-glance-at external news feed on a specific company’s page. Although it’s still in BETA, we really believe in this news feed, as we’re moving more and more into an all-inclusive platform, helping you invest simpler.


We hope you enjoy all of our latest updates and upgrades, and please do let us know if there’s anything that we can clarify or answer for you as you come to familiarize yourself with these new features.

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