The Secret to Effective Investing on Mobile Financial Apps

stride-the-secret-to-effective-investing-on-mobile-financial-apps-socialIn a previous article titled “Benefits of Mobile Financial Apps: From the Golf Course to the Bedroom”, I discussed how the use of mobile financial apps simplifies the way we manage our investments. It enables you to invest at any time, anywhere given you have internet access. These apps are used on the golf course, in front of the television, in the office or even in the bedroom.

My readers had a general concern after reading the article. They are concerned that if you have the power to make investment decisions at any given moment, no matter in which situation you find yourself, you might make impulsive decisions costing you a great amount of money. It is an understandable concern. Therefore, I felt the need to write this article and provide my readers with a solution.

I agree that the golf course might not be the ideal setting for making important financial decisions. You can easily make an overly hasty decision while having a great time with mates. Especially after hitting a few birdies, bogeys and celebratory drinks at the bar.

The best investment decisions are those supported by sufficient financial research, fundamental analysis and fact, not by conjecture or emotions. If you can make such decisions while swinging the irons, you are one in a million. For the other 999,999 people who aren’t as fortunate, I have the perfect solution.

Financial Technology

Eliminate every bit of fear, doubt and overconfidence, when making investment decisions, by signing up to an intelligent stock picking and portfolio management tool. To be a great investor, especially over the long-term, you need to be able to switch off your emotions and think like a computer. But it is easier said than done unless you make use of a trusted investing platform providing you with sufficient financial data, buy and sell notifications and targeted investment opportunities.

Technology in the financial world has evolved at such a tremendous rate, providing you with virtually limitless options. Buying investment technology used to be expensive, but with the evolution of online financial services and a fair amount of competition, it has become much more affordable. Your main challenge is finding the one platform that suits your investing needs. Make it your goal to find a platform that is easy to understand and user-friendly. 

Having reliable and accurate investment software can make the world’s difference. You could be seeing your portfolio returns heading for the sky. Invest in a platform that delivers the following data:

  • A wide reach of businesses, sectors, currencies and geographies to maximise diversification and reduce your risk
  • Clear and comprehensive company information displayed in multiple ways for a truly transparent, 360-degree view of the businesses you’re going to invest in
  • In-depth company financials that you can drill down into
  • Great portfolio management with both summarised and detailed views of performance status
  • A means of tracking businesses that interest you for future investments, using a watchlist
  • Valuations calculated according to value investing dimensions using full fundamental analysis spectrum for accuracy
  • Simplified scoring and rating systems for snapshot evaluation of company strengths and weaknesses
  • Affordable subscription to keep fees to a minimum
  • Available on all mobile devices with consistent layout at all resolutions

Make Value Investing Easy

When you get your hands on a platform with all of the above-mentioned features, you will experience how easy investing can be. For instance, if you chose STRIDE as your investing tool, you simply need to create a portfolio or a watchlist of companies that interest you. Those companies can be found either on the STRIDE targets list, by screening for specific variables in the STRIDE screener or by simply searching one of more than 40,000 global companies listed on STRIDE. You can evaluate a company with the aid of a variety of metrics, scores, ratings and financial reports.

When you have created your portfolio, your work is done. You will receive a daily email notification from the platform notifying you of the status of your portfolio. Whether you are on the golf course, in the bedroom or at the office, you can react immediately with confidence that you are making the right decision because you have done the necessary homework beforehand. To learn how STRIDE targets its value opportunities, watch this video.

In Conclusion

If you are using a trading platform, use an accompanying stock picking and portfolio management tool to keep unnecessary influences to a minimum. By doing so, you can happily and confidently invest anywhere at any time, without missing out on a single opportunity. If you want to make value investing easy, intelligent stock picking and portfolio management tools are the way forward.

See how you can benefit using STRIDE in conjunction with your trading apps. Start your 14 day free trial now!

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