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"STRIDE really cuts through most of the information and noise, identifying good opportunities for investing quickly, easily, and consistently. This is a great company which continues to deliver new features and improve their service."


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The Dashboard

Your dashboard is a high-level overview of your entire STRIDE platform.  Your portfolios are summarised showing the top performing stocks as too are your watchlists. The STRIDE feed displays forthcoming announcements, recent filings, dividend news and notifications of changes to any company STRIDE ratings.


STRIDE Targets

How to find undervalued stocks? Of the 40,000+ businesses analysed by STRIDE every day, only a fraction will make it onto our target list. STRIDE discounts any businesses that currently fail to meet very strict criteria, narrowing our choice of targets to around 0.4% of the world’s listed businesses at any one time. You can also receive notification of all new targets by email. Filtering options allow you to refine the list further.

STRIDE’s consistently outperforming major global markets
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STRIDE Scores and Ratings

How to value a business? The STRIDE engine conducts highly complex fundamental analysis and condenses its findings into our unique scores and ratings. By translating this intricate information into such a simple format, the engine provides us with instant visibility of investment Strength, Timing, Returns, Intrinsic Value, Dividends and Earnings Predictability.


Company Screener

Stock screening has never been so easy. Create your own target lists based on criteria that you set yourself using the screener. These lists are dynamic and will change as businesses meet or fall outside of the parameters you set. Want to pick your stocks like a pro? Select a model already pre-set to the criteria of Ken Fisher, Warren Buffett and more.

Detailed Company Analysis

Every company on STRIDE is anaylsed and profiled in detail, its financial and valuation data displayed with description, news, share price and ticker. Compare STRIDE scores and ratings with other established metrics and track share price, fair value, consider buy and consider sell prices. Financial information is displayed as both simple graphs and comprehensive reports, finely tuned to be industry specific.

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Create multiple portfolios of globally diversified long term investments in any default currency. Include all fees and dividend payments for pinpoint portfolio management and accurate record of gains. Keep track of all assets in your portfolio, including cash, options and any withdrawals. Optional daily updates keep you up to date on stock price activity, upcoming dividends and overall portfolio balance. 


It's more than stock screening, STRIDE is also an investment management software. Create static lists of all the companies you want to keep track of. Watchlists allow you to monitor companies grouped in any way you like. These static lists will only contain the businesses you add to them, allowing you to keep ongoing comparisons of any companies that interest you.


Markets and Sectors

Understand how whole markets and sectors are performing. STRIDE’s market and sector lists give you a unique view of an entire market or sector, broken down into average scores and ratings, valuations and timing status. This helps you make the long term investments with a full scope of knowledge and expectation. 

STRIDE Everywhere

Take your portfolios with you wherever you go and never miss an opportunity. STRIDE is fully responsive and works equally well on a computer, tablet or phone. Interface help appears on every page with instructional videos and extensive FAQs. If you can’t find what you need, contact us directly from your screen.


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