Meet Sally Morgan

In November 2014, a budding UK-based value investor, mum and writer embarked on a value investing journey with STRIDE.

“I’d bought into the London property market as a buy-to-let landlord, believing nothing was safer than bricks and mortar. I had no idea how much work it would take and how little I’d get back for it. I was disillusioned, to say the least, and desperate to find another way of securing my financial future.”

She sold her investment property and invested the equity in global stocks, following the STRIDE 3D value investing and asset allocation principles. Sally is now easily beating the FTSE100, the S&P500 and the UK housing market. Find out how she’s doing it and follow her portfolio here.


Sally exclusively follows STRIDE’s 3D target criteria in her stock picks.

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2017 ,May 29

63.2% up, one slice sold and four more bought

"Goodbye to System 1. Hello to NHT, Chew's, Shinnihon and Zenkoku."

2017 ,Jan 26

Up 44% at the start of the new year

"Two years down as a value investor. I'm surprised at how little effort it's taken to make gains of 44%. Thanks, STRIDE!"

2016 ,Nov 10

Trump: Is 2016 the weirdest year ever?

"Brexit and now President Trump. This is the year of living strangely. Shattered expectations indeed."

2016 ,Nov 8

Compound interest: gotta love it

"If you do nothing else, save. It's the mantra I'm boring my kids with. Saving is the beginning of investing and investing is the key to a secure financial future."

2016 ,Aug 26

I'm back in UK property (only not as a landlord)

"Little Acorns is 30% up. And I'm delighted to own a slice of Persimmon Plc, a major UK home builder."

2016 ,July 4

Brexit: is this the time to invest in UK stocks?

"There's got to be something good to come out of us leaving the EU."

2016 ,June 23

Brexit: what just happened?

"I'm waking up in shock, along with many others today. I can't believe UK voted to leave the EU. What will it mean for the markets?"

2016 ,June 13

I didn't sell in May and I'm 25.5% up

"It feels like the portfolio is really gaining some traction now. I can't wait to read my update emails every day."

2016 ,April 28

Happy 400th birthday, Shakespeare.

"My winter of discontent has made its own glorious summer. Little Acorns is now 20.5% up."

2016 ,Jan 5

Another new year and the USD is getting stronger

"I hadn't thought about the impact currency would have on my portfolio. Just another part of the learning curve!"

2015 ,Dec 16

Merry Christmas!

"16% up. Thank you, Santa."

2015 ,Nov 27

Great new 'coffee break' guide on 3D value investing

"This is great if you're too time-strapped for a whole eBook. It gives you all the important information, biscuit-sized."

2015 ,Nov 14

First year results are in

"It's been a rocky one but I'm up 10.53% and beating all the major markets."

2015 ,June

3D Value Investing: Triangulating the Best Investment Targets

"This is a must-read for anyone serious about starting a portfolio like mine."

2015 ,April 22

Little Acorns up 15%

"I only bought Ikyu last month and it's up 61% already."

2015 ,April 12

Great new STRIDE video

STRIDE Explained' video is launched. A quick guide to what the platform's all about

2015 ,March 20

Little Acorns up 12% in four months

"If someone had told me I'd be managing a growing value investment portfolio, I'd have assumed they'd taken more than an acorn to the head."

2015 ,March 15


Howden Africa Holdings Ltd - South African producer of air and gas handling solutions

2015 ,Feb 23

New Buy SGX:5DD

Micro-Mechanics (Holdings) Ltd - Singapore-based high precision tool manufacturer

2015 ,Feb 18


Nick Scali Ltd - Australian furniture manufactuere and distributor

2015 ,Feb 8


Lannett Company Inc - US pharma business

2015 ,Feb 2

New Buy Nasdaq:CACC

Credit Acceptance Corporation - US automobile industry financial services company

2015 ,Feb 1

New Buy TSE:2450

Ikyu - Japanese online hotel reservation service


Happy New Year!

5% ahead of markets in challenging financial conditions

2014 ,Nov 17

Japan falls into shock recession

Little Acorns holds its own as global markets suffer

2014 ,Nov 14

Little Acorns portfolio goes live

In exchange for free use of the STRIDE platform, Sally agrees to open her portfolio to the world.


Sally Morgan takes first steps toward becoming a STRIDE value investor

"I read Deliberate Confusion Behind the Stock Market and knew I wanted to give value investing a go."

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