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Consistently beat global markets, indices, and fund managers with STRIDE.


Your portfolio could beat global markets by 90%


Your portfolio could beat EU markets by almost 95%


You can achieve 21% CAGR per year

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Your portfolio could be beating the FTSE 100, the S&P 500 and the UK housing market.


Little Acorns is averaging 19.3% CAGR as of Feb 2017


Grew from $105,300 to $174,282 in 2 years

"As Little Acorns enters its third year it's up 44% and still beating all major markets."

Sally Morgan - January 26, 2017

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What STRIDE Customers Say

  • "It makes everything so much easier. It use to take me hours to look into a company, but now it only takes me 5 min to get an idea of where they are heading. I have found heaps more companies using this than I ever did using Google screener."

    Jordan Stinson - Private Investor

  • "The STRIDE platform is amazing! It is clearly structured and has the potential to help individual and institutional investors identifying investment opportunities in a way that I never experienced before."

    Josef - German investor

  • "STRIDE has been a valuable addition to my portfolio decision making, providing me with a non-biased fundamental approach to investing. I have incorporated STRIDE into my investment decision process and it has become the cornerstone of my portfolio construction."

    David Shorr - STRIDE customer

  • "Your app paid for itself ten-fold, plus I get a tax write-off because it's an investment subscription."

    Andrew Georgiades, New York City investor

  • "STRIDE is a great tool for value investors globally. No matter the market (Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Australia, USA, London, you name it) you are covered. It allows investors to screen the market using its own filters or the STRIDE concept. Are you looking for dividends companies? It is there as well."

    Rhaufed Santos, Brazilian investor

  • "The STRIDE platform is the best investment I've made in my tenure in value investing. The simple, well-structured platform saves me significant time in identifying investments from global markets... take up the demo and you won't look back."

    Neill Wilkinson, London investor

40,000+ global businesses to select from


7 international stock markets with options to include hard-to-trade countries in your lists
2000+ screening options
Detailed analysis of every company including financials
Unique STRIDE scoring simplifies results of fundamental analysis
Established scales and scores for comparison
Optimised to work on all devices

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Screen like a pro

Pick winning stocks

Manage your portfolio

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How do I spot a good opportunity?

See how we simplify the results of fundamental analysis into clear scores and ratings. It’s never been easier to spot the world’s best value investments.

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Follow a novice investor as she uses STRIDE to pick stocks and manage her Little Acorns portfolio.

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Set your own screens

With over 2000 screening options the world’s businesses are yours to filter any way you want to.

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Detailed breakdowns of financial information show you transparent views of business strength.

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Target by your risk profile

Choose which companies appear on your lists based on your attitude to risk levels.

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Guru screens

Use pre-set models to screen like Buffet, Graham, Einhorn and other successful investors.

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