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Consistently beat global markets, indices, and fund managers with STRIDE.


Your portfolio could beat global markets by 90%


Your portfolio could beat EU markets by almost 95%


You can achieve 21% CAGR per year

Live Little Acorns Case Study

Your portfolio could be beating the FTSE 100, the S&P 500 and the UK housing market.


Little Acorns is averaging 19.3% CAGR as of Feb 2017


Grew from $105,300 to $174,282 in 2 years

"As Little Acorns enters its third year it's up 44% and still beating all major markets."

Sally Morgan - January 26, 2017

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40,000+ global businesses to select from


27 international stock markets with options to include hard-to-trade countries in your lists
2000+ stock screening options
Detailed analysis of every company including financials for long term investments
Unique STRIDE scoring simplifies results of fundamental analysis
A charting tool, with established scales and scores for comparison
Our investment tools are optimised to work on all devices

STRIDE's investment software helps you...


Screen like a pro


Pick winning stocks


Manage your portfolio

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What is 3D Value Investing?

Learn how we evolved traditional value investing to achieve even better returns from long term investments.
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How do I start investing?

It’s easier than you think to be a value investor. If you're wondering how to value a business or when to start your retirement investing... browse our library of eBooks and videos to help you get started.

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How do I spot a good opportunity?

See how we simplify the results of fundamental analysis into clear scores and ratings. It’s never been easier to know how to find undervalued stocks.

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Show me a successful novice investor

Follow a novice investor as she uses STRIDE to pick stocks and manage her Little Acorns portfolio.

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Set your own screens

With over 2000 screening options the world’s businesses are yours to filter any way you want to.

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Detailed breakdowns of financial information show you transparent views of business strength.

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Target by your risk profile

Choose which companies appear on your lists based on your attitude to risk levels.

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Guru screens

Use pre-set models to screen like Buffet, Graham, Einhorn and other successful investors.

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